Economic centres in China


The strategic way to access China 

Don't throw logic out of the window!


China is often presented as enigma which can’t be defined nor approached logically and advisers often use that as an excuse to offer a ‘black box’ approach to their services.  We disagree.  China is simply a different place which requires a systematic and logical approach attuned to the local environment and culture.  Our Roadmap & Roadshow approach is customised to China but is still logical and transparent. 

The essence of our philosophy


We are experts at accessing China because everything we do is designed to address the indigenous obstacles and risks of the market.

Our experience since 2008 shows that proper planning based on expertise is needed to succeed in the complex China market and that the plan needs to be respected as a distinct precursor to visiting the country.   Recognising and planning for the challenge are at the essence of Thinking before Linking with Chinese investment opportunities.


Our experience has polished our proprietary service so it is structured and staffed to overcome these obstacles and mitigate these risks.  The Roadmap gives clients the competitive advantage of knowing the plan before stepping on the plane.  The Roadshow then flows from it and is orchestrated to meet the maximum number of suitable partners in a logistically-coordinated and team-supported way.  We argue that entering China without a Roadmap will be unlikely to result in success.