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A Sector-Specialised Department


BioLinking is the life sciences division of ThinkingLinking


BioLinking introduces Western biotech and life sciences opportunities primarily to Chinese investors from our offices in London and Beijing.  We represent company owners in the West to bridge the gap between what logically should happen and what actually does happen –  the gap between the right opportunity in one market and the right investor in another, which otherwise either may not meet each other or not conclude a balanced deal.

We follow two principles to achieve this

BioLinking services

•  sell side mandate

•  sale of minority/majority stake
•  out-licensing 
•  audits of Emerging Market Product Potential (EMPP)
•  Optimal Global Partner strategic review (OGP)
•  Counter-party Synergy Analysis (CSA)

•  hosting of Joint Business Planning (JBP)
•  buy side mandate


BioLinking also publishes the Pharma Hunters report, an analysis of Chinese outbound Life Sciences acquirers and their transactions.

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