A Sector-Specialised Department

InLinking is the cosmetics, pharma, food and beverages ingredients division of ThinkingLinking.

The team does M&A in this sector a more creative way:

•  Emerging market investors which have strategic imperatives are identified for the benefit of our clients, where the strategic imperative has often been catalysed by a ThinkingLinking strategic plan. 

•  Conversely, we open up an emerging market for a client by helping it make an acquisition, joint venture or sell a stake to a foreign partner who is the key to that market.


The emphasis is on creating cross-border arbitrage – whether 'valuation advantage' for an acquiring or selling client; or 'operating arbitrage' to help a client capitalise on its ingredient, knowhow or its customer channels across borders.

InLinking services

•  sell side mandate

•  sale of minority/majority stake
•  pre-sale Value Enhancement Programme (VEP) 
•  Optimal Global Partner strategic review (OGP)
•  Counter-party Synergy Analysis (CSA)

•  hosting of Joint Business Planning (JBP)
•  buy side mandate


Our InLinking division also publishes the Alchemists go shopping report, an analysis of global M&A activity in cosmetic ingredients.