Shanghai, the Bund

Roadmap & Roadshow

Why go on a roadshow without a roadmap?

M&A plan for acquisition in China - Roadmap


M&A tour in China - Roadshow







1. Strategic


Challenging or confirming clients' goals for the China market.

2. Market entry


Check the most relevant sector regulations, policies and attitudes to see if they imply any limitations to our deal structure choices.

After deciding on the partner criteria, we identify the most suitable partners from the Total Universe through our funnel approach and Scoring System. 

3. Partner


4. Buyer Beauty

The preparation before the trip ensures that our clients are presented in a way which is understandable and appealing to Chinese partners. 

5. M&A Roadmap

This is a concrete document setting out what we want to achieve on the Roadshow, which includes a shortlist of suitable partners which are likely to be interested and why. 

Setting meetings with as many relevant partners as possible to reduce risk of disappointment and justify the travel effort.  Our bi-lingual team helps with logistics in China and persuading partners as well as following up to reduce cancellation risk.


1. Setting the

2. Itinerary 

All travel and accommodation logistics, and company info is summarised and agreed.

3. The Linking

Handholding around China, 

interpreting, two-way cultural communication.


4. De-briefing

Discussion of meeting notes and client feedback on opportunities.

A document concluding everything on the Roadshow including scoring priority opportunities with reasons as well as agreed next steps.

5. Roadshow


After the Roadmap document is approved by client, we can begin the preparation of the Roadshow. 

After we have completed the Roadshow the client decides whether and when to proceed with priority opportunities, visiting China or inviting them to the West.  ThinkingLinking is often involved in follow-on stages including any subsequent Roadshows or welcome visits, and assistance in negotiation, LOIs, project management to completion and obtaining Chinese regulatory approval.